• State Studies Water Quality Failures on Burnt Bridge Creek – March 11, 2009


    On March 11, 2009, The Washington State Department of Ecology convened the technical advisory committee for the Total Maximum Daily Load study currently underway for Burnt Bridge Creek. This creek begins as a spring in East Vancouver, and flows 13 miles westward into Vancouver Lake. Monitoring stations have been established at various locations along the stream path. The study includes tributaries — Cold Creek, Petersen Channel and Burton Channel. Burnt Bridge Creek suffers from failures of various water quality standards, and the purpose of this study is to determine how to remedy the problems and improve water quality. [Read More...]

  • Clams and Crayfish Used to Study Waterborne Contaminants – January 6, 2009

    Asian clams collected at Frenchman's Bar, Vancouver

    Asian clams collected at Frenchman's Bar, Vancouver

    Recent water quality monitoring efforts in the Columbia River have relied upon the analysis of clam tissue to determine the levels of dangerous toxins that have been absorbed by aquatic organisms. In Vancouver, high levels of PCBs, a cancer-causing agent, have been identified in clam tissues taken from samples in front of Alcoa at the Port of Vancouver, and downstream toward the mouth of the flushing channel to Vancouver Lake. [Read More...]





    On September 20, 2007, representatives of Columbia Riverkeeper, Willapa Audubon Society, and the Rosemere Neighborhood Association, along with a number of other concerned citizens, attended a public hearing held by Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council to voice their opinions about Energy Northwest’s proposed Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant in Kalama, WA. The council took comments from the public on Energy Northwest’s greenhouse gas “sequestration plan” (view the plan at http://http:www.esfec.wa.gov/pmec.shtml). [Read More...]

  • Write Letters to Help Clean Up Burnt Bridge Creek – June 16, 2004

    The Southwest Regional Office of the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) submitted a list of six projects to the Olympia office for consideration of funding a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study. Burnt Bridge Creek was the ranked second among this list of six projects, but it was not chosen as part of the statewide priority list for this funding cycle (the cycle lasts for five years). Only 9 projects were funded statewide from four regional offices. [Read More...]

  • RNA opposes City’s SEPA application on the proposed Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway project – February 5, 2004

    To: Jon Wagner, Development Review Services

    From: Rosemere Neighborhood Association

    Re: Application: Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway PRJ2003-01122 which includes the following:

    ARC2003-00025, CON2003-00087, ENG2003-00164, FLP2003-00003, GEO2003-00002, GRD2003-00088, PSR2003-00044, SEP2003-00058, SHL2003-00005, TRE2003-00195 and WET2003-00006

    These comments on the project have been sent prior to the cutoff date of Monday, February 9, 2004, and are to be incorporated into the staff report.

    This correspondence serves as written notice that the officers and board of the Rosemere Neighborhood Association oppose this proposed project, and as outlined herein, believe that the project will create probable significant adverse environmental impacts. [Read More...]

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