Presentation to Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership


On March 16, 2005, Dvija Michael Bertish, Chairman of the Rosemere Neighborhood Association, made a presentation to the members of the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership (VLWP),  a group that has formed to address the many problems of pollution and the poor health of the lake, its tributaries, and the watershed in general.  This partnership represents a cooperative effort by the Ports of Vancouver and Ridgefield, City and County Governments, the Washington State Department of Ecology, Clark Public Utilities, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, neighborhoods, and concerned citizens who strive to improve the watershed.

Documents pertaining to the RNA’s research can be reviewed at the Stream Net Library,   The VLWP website does not yet have these documents posted, but they should be linked soon.

The Official VLWP website is  These monthly meetings are open to the public, and the website can be accessed for meeting times, research and agendas.

Following are comments from the presentation made by Mr. Bertish to the VLWP on March 16.  These comments reflect the history of problems with the watershed and the concerns of the public.  Because the presentation time was limited, not all of the pertinent research could was discussed at the last meeting.  Thus, additional research is included here to give a clearer overview. 

Click here to view the entire Presentation to Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership – March 16, 2005.

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