• Sewage spill at Frenchman’s Bar Park – April 15, 2004

    The RNA received this response to our complaint from the Washington State Department of Ecology in Olympia on April 20, 2004.

    Thank-you for voicing your concerns in this matter. Ecology was notified of the incident on the day that it occurred. This Department is actively investigating the situation at this time. The report will be available to the public upon the completion of the investigation. Please feel free to inquire after June 1st about the status of this investigation. Please refer to ERTS number 540239 when making inquiries. [Read More...]

  • Vancouver looks to finish Burnt Bridge Creek Trail – a toxic area! – April 4, 2004

    Vancouver looks to finish Burnt Bridge Creek Trail:

    This is a toxic area. One would hope the Columbian has not purposely published propaganda. It’s a lovely picture, but this is a toxic area. Please stay out of it for the health of your family and your children. No doubt the “Powers That Be” are trying to promote the Burnt Bridge Creek project as a Green Jewel. It’s a dangerous jewel. Poisonous water, poisonous greenery, poisonous mud. PLEASE STAY OUT OF IT.

  • Money extortion scam in Rosemere? – April 4, 2004

    ALERT: We have been made aware that there are people soliciting contributions in Rosemere who claim to be representing the Rosemere Neighborhood Association. We are not at this time canvassing neighborhood businesses. Please ask for proper ID and call 911 to report any suspicious activity. [Read More...]

  • Rosemere Neighborhood Association News Archives – 2001-2003

    To see Rosemere Neighborhood Association news archives from 2001 to 2003 click here RNA Archive News 2001-2003.

  • Dangerous crosswalk at East 39th Street – City negligent? – March 19, 2004

    Dangerous Crosswalk

    This crosswalk, at East 39th Street, just east of Interstate 5, was out of commission for five months due to a faulty light system and the city’s inability to maintain it properly. This was a dangerous situation. A young girl was hit by a car here last month, sustaining serious injuries. Her attorney maintains negligence on the part of the City of Vancouver, which could result in a pending claim and/or possible lawsuit against the city. [Read More...]

  • RNA’s letter of commendation to prospectors who saved thousands of baby salmon – March 19, 2004

    Mr. Bob Mote
    Northwest Mineral Prospector’s Club
    P.O. Box 1973
    Vancouver, Washington 98668

    Dear Mr. Mote,
    On behalf of the Rosemere Neighborhood Association, I would like to heartily congratulate you and your colleagues for coming to the aid of thousands of baby chum salmon in the Columbia River recently at such a crucial time in their development. [Read More...]

  • A.Word.A.Day – February 24, 2004

    A.Word.A.Day – “excerebrose” Wordsmith.org, a nationally known website, has a mailing list called “A.Word.A.Day” with thousands of subscribers. On February 24 the following information appeared on the mailing list:

    A.Word.A.Day–excerebrose [Read More...]

  • Sex Offender Neighborhood Mitigation – February 2004

    State Sex Offender Housing Limitation Law Senate Bill #6440 and House Bill #2594

    Please show your support for proposed state legislation on behalf of our neighborhoods — not just in Vancouver, but statewide. This legislation is designed to prevent level II or III sex offenders from co-habitating in the same house, as has happened recently in Vancouver, WA. This proposed legislation prevents sex offenders from establishing residence with or within one thousand feet of other risk level II or III offenders currently under community custody for the commission of a sex offense (while the sex offender is on parole). [Read More...]

  • Vancouver Police Roll out Methamphetamine Prevention Program – January 22, 2004

    Vancouver Police Chief Brian Martinek and other Vancouver P.D. staff spoke about the destructive effects of methamphetamine in the community (including statistics related to methamphetamine labs and dump sites, arrests and emergency room visits in the City of Vancouver) and the efforts the Vancouver Police Department is using to combat the problem through a new Methamphetamine Awareness Program. [Read More...]

  • Tree Planting – March 6, 2004

    The RNA is co-sponsoring a neighborhood tree planting event with Friends of Trees, a non-profit tree planting organization, on March 6, 2004. [Read More...]

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