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Villu : September 27, 2014, 23:11

tried to watch this show filled me with nothing but utter disgust.

discount viagra : September 27, 2014, 23:11

Wiz Khalifa made money right? So why is he dressed like a homeless guy?

buy viagra with discount : September 27, 2014, 23:11

comon pewds you shouldnt care about thoose ga--- guys brofist

Googleman : September 27, 2014, 23:11

We, the commenters of YouTube, believe in free speech as strongly as we believe in free videos of animals dressed like other animals. Therefore, we hereby declare: you can make up to 88 dollars an hour working from your house. Click here for one weird tip on how to lose your bellyfat. U R homo. Ron Paul 2012!\bNB9 discount viagra

Sapunaro : September 27, 2014, 23:11

Sosolak : September 27, 2014, 23:11

You are going to think your moves are great too....after a trip with us.

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Kolya : September 27, 2014, 23:11

3:33 it's 1955 not 1976

Kochar : September 27, 2014, 23:11

line, and all the actors including Stallone were stellar. discount viagra

Sonya : September 27, 2014, 23:11

Couldn't stop laughing!

Ernandes : September 27, 2014, 23:11

When did Josh Hartnett become Brad Pitt?

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